Community Iftar Dinner at Kishki World Foods

Inspired by CBC's Meet Your Neighbour Program, which encourages people to break the Ramadan fast with other members of their community, we decided to throw our very first Iftar dinner this past Tuesday night. We invited the Mayor of Kitchener, members of the Reception House, members of the House of Friendship, a few immigrant families new to Kitchener, and our staff here at Kishki World Foods. It was a fantastic night with delicious food, great conversations and wonderful people, and it was a great opportunity to bring people together to break the fast. 

We put out a full spread of amazing food - lentil soup, samosas, roasted chicken, Somali rice, garlic potatoes, beef kebabs, Somali falafel balls, goat meat, couscous salad, and lots of sweets. 

Together, our large group ate lots of food, talked, laughed and took part in prayer. It was a wonderful night and a tradition that we will continue. We look forward to many more dinners here in the future and look forward to meeting more members of the local community.