Featured Moroccan Product of the Week- Aicha Preserved Lemon

Aicha Preserved Lemon 370g $3.99

Preserved lemons are lemons that have been pickled in salt and their own juices and allowed to ferment for weeks. After fermentation, the lemon flavour becomes concentrated and full bodied, and the lemons are no longer as tart. The peel can be eaten and is the most valued part. Preserved lemons are wonderful additions to meals and are far superior to using plain ol' lemons. 

Since preserved lemons take a few weeks to prepare at home, you can pick up a jar of preserved lemons in store and prepare a Moroccan recipe tonight!

Try Aicha's preserved lemons in this recipe for Moroccan chicken and potatoes.

Chicken with Potato and Preserved Lemon Tagine, by Maroc Mama

Photo credit: Maroc Mama

Photo credit: Maroc Mama