Featured Egyptian Product of the Week - Halwani Bros. Sugar Cane Molasses

Halwani Bros Sugar Cane Molasses

Halwani Bros. Sugar Cane Molasses, 100% natural

The Halwani Bros. Company manufactures some of your favourite food products from their facilities in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. They make a selection of maamoul, halwa, biscuits, tahini, jams, juices and more. They have become a very popular brand in our store and customers love the quality. 

Molasses is a natural sweetener extracted from sugar cane during the production of refined sugar. Sugar cane molasses is made from extracting the juice from sugar cane and then boiling it down to a thick syrup. Sugar crystals are then extracted from the syrup and the remaining liquid is molasses. Throughout history, molasses has been used as a health supplement for its antioxidant properties. 

For a truly delicious taste experience, try the recipe below for a tahini and molasses dip. Make sure to use a high quality tahini in this recipe with Halwani Brothers sugar cane molasses. Serve with warm pita. 

Sugar Cane Molasses & Tahini Dip, by A Foodie's Affairs

Photo credit: A Foodie's Affairs

Photo credit: A Foodie's Affairs