Featured Somali Product of the Week - Xawaji Spice Mix

3 Star Production Xawaji Spice Mix 210g 

Add authentic Somalian flavours to your home cooking with this delicious mixture of spices. Xawaji spice is a blend of coriander, cumin, cardamom, curry leaf, turmeric, lemon, and hot chili. Use this mix as a base for curries, marinades and rubs. Be careful, this mix is spicy! 

It's the perfect all purpose spicy blend for all of your cooking and a must-have when making authentic tasting curries and sauces. Xawaji and xawaash are terms that both describe this particular type of Somali spice blend. If you are interested in making your own xawaash spice blend, click here.

Use 3 Star Production Xawaji Spice Mix in the recipe below for Somali pasta sauce.

Somali Pasta Sauce, by Xawaash.com

Photo credit: Xawaash.com

Photo credit: Xawaash.com