Featured Product of the Week: Cedar Brown Lentils Balady

Cedar Brown Lentils - Balady 907g $2.89

Cedar Brown Lentils Balady

Brown lentils are a staple ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking. They are versatile, filling, high in protein, and very cost effective. They are easy to digest, don't require long to cook, and don't need to be pre-soaked before cooking. Lentils range in colour from green to brown to black to red, all with slightly different flavours and textures. 

Brown lentils are deliciously nutty and meaty, and we love to use them in a variety of dishes. If you are looking for some new inspiration, try Cedar Brown Lentils Balady in the recipe below for Syrian brown lentil soup. It's the perfect winter dish to fill you up!

Brown Lentil Soup by Dima Sharif

Photo credit: Dima Sharif

Photo credit: Dima Sharif