Featured Syrian Product of the Week - Sahha Stuffed Eggplant (Makdous)

Sahha Stuffed Eggplant with Virgin Olive Oil (Makdous) 500ml $7.29

Makdous are olive oil cured eggplant stuffed with hot red peppers, walnuts, garlic and salt.

These preserved stuffed eggplants are the perfect item to keep handy in your kitchen for a quick meal or mezze dish that can be prepared in no time. Simply remove from the jars and top with chopped parsley and tomatoes. These can be eaten cold or hot.

If you are interesting in making preserved stuffed eggplants from scratch, try this recipe below!

Makdous Recipe (Stuffed Preserved Aubergines), by Yooj Recipes

Photo credit: Yooj Recipes

Photo credit: Yooj Recipes