Featured Country of the Month: Syria

Syria is our featured country this month! The traditional Syrian mezze spread includes small plates, dips, and salads meant to be shared. Hummus, baba ghanoush, taboulleh salad, stuffed grape leaves, rice and kebabs are all a part of a typical spread.

Although the recipes vary house to house and person to person, here are a few of Syria’s most popular dishes:

Hummus – a delicious chickpea dip, made even more delicious with creamy tahini blended in and the perfect amount of lemon juice and olive oil

Baba Ghanoush – a smoky dip made of roasted or charred eggplant, pomegranate, tahini, garlic and parsley

Taboulleh Salad – a traditional parsley salad with a sprinkling of bulgur and tomatoes

Kibbeh – a mixture of ground lamb, bulgur and spices are formed into shapes, and then baked or fried. Typically served with salad and yogurt.

Manakeesh – soft dough topped with a combination of ground beef, cheese, spinach, zaatar, parsley and spices

Basbousa – a sweet cake made of fine semolina and soaked in syrup

A few of our featured Syrian brands that we carry in store: Ramzy Al-Assel, Sahha, Mim.

                            Photo credit: Pilot Guides

                            Photo credit: Pilot Guides