Featured Turkish Product of the Week - Mehmet Efendi Türk Kahvesi Coffee

Mehmet Efendi Türk Kahvesi 250g (Turkish coffee) $9.49

Turk Kahvesi Coffee

Mehmet Efendi has been roasting coffee since 1871 and is the largest and oldest coffee company in Turkey. They have passed on their craft of coffee making from generation to generation and continue to deliver fresh, high quality coffee to consumers.

If you have ever enjoyed the pleasures of this deliciously rich coffee, then you know how unique this particular coffee preparation is. Turkish coffee refers to the method of preparation, not to a particular type of coffee or bean. To make Turkish coffee, beans are roasted and ground to a very fine powder, immersed in hot water with sugar, brought to a boil, and then poured into a cup and allowed to sit until the grounds have settled to the bottom.

For more detailed instructions on preparing Turkish coffee, follow the recipe below!

Turkish Coffee Recipe from Fool Proof Living

Photo credit: Fool Proof Living

Photo credit: Fool Proof Living