Featured Turkish Product of the Week - Marmarabirlik Black Olives

Marmarabirlik Black Olives 800g $7.99

Marmarabirlik Black Olives 800g

Marmarabirlik’s Extra Black Olives are medium sized olives that are perfect for breakfasts, pastries, salads, and entrees. Turkish black olives are naturally fermented and steeped in their own salty flavour. Marmarabirlik is one of the world’s largest olive producers, exporting their naturally fermented olives worldwide.

Olives are the perfect addition to so many dishes. Next time you’re in the kitchen, try adding olives to omelettes, pizzas, salads, potato dishes, and meat dishes. They’ll spice up your dish with tons of delicious flavour!

Try Marmarabirlik Black Olives in the recipe below!

Turkish Bread and Olive Salad from Fine Cooking

Photo credit: Fine Cooking

Photo credit: Fine Cooking